Follow Ido Fishman’s Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

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If you are reading this at the moment, then it means that you are somewhat interested in knowing about cooking and kitchen cuisines. If that is true then I can also assume that you like to watch online cooking and baking videos. Being into cooking and baking myself, I know how much I like to watch such videos and how much I want to eat.

Clean Kitchen is the First Step, not Basic Ingredients

At present, you will find several cooking experts and chefs running their shows on TV as well as other social media channels. However, all of them have one thing in common, which is that they always refer to the basic ingredients as the first step in cooking. This is exactly what I assumed when I started cooking, but I soon realized that this perception is not right.

When you are feeding the bellies of your family, your friends, and your customers, the first step is not making sure that you have the basic ingredients, it is keeping your kitchen clean. The kitchen is the primary and first step that we need to ensure is clean and tidy, then come to the rest. There is never any harm if an ingredient is missed in a particular dish but there are high risks if the food is not hygienic.

Ido Fishman’s Tips for Keeping Kitchen Clean

I must admit that the above realization came to me not because of myself, but because of someone that I started following. Ido Fishman Chef is the person that inspired me, who distinguished himself as one of the most caring cooking experts who puts hygiene before anything else. It is his words that made me realize how important it is to keep the kitchens clean and what we need to do to ensure they always remain that way.

So I am going to share some of the tips that Ido Fishman has shared with his followers in order to keep the kitchen clean and tidy:

Keep Appliances and Other Things to Minimal

It is almost every person’s habit that we tend to place every appliance such as microwave oven, toaster, sandwich maker, utensils, jars, and many more things on the kitchen counters. This is where we make one of the biggest mistakes. Doing this not only occupies a lot of space in the kitchen but also makes the kitchen unclean because we do not tend to clean all the corners where the appliances and utensils are placed.

I know that a Microwave oven can be a heavy appliance to carry but you can other appliances and utensils in the cupboards. So it is better to do that and make sure there is not much stuff lying around on the kitchen counter.

Clean Your Kitchen First and Then Start Cooking

Staying true to his nature, Ido Fishman recommends that no matter what we are about to cook or bake, we must always clean our kitchen before doing so. By doing this we ensure that whatever we are cooking is going to be clean and under no circumstances something unhygienic or unhealthy would be going into our stomachs.

So make sure that you never build up a habit of cleaning the kitchen after cooking food. Because once you are done cooking, you will be too much tired, lazy, or desperate to try what you have cooked that you would end up dropping the idea of cleaning. This would only come back to haunt you as soon as you enter the kitchen the next time for cooking.

Keep Cleaning the Kitchen While You Wait

One of the most common practices that end up developing when we start cooking is that while we are waiting for something to be boiled, cooked, or baked, we tend to take care of other house chores to pass that time.

Well, don’t you think that that would be the perfect chance to start cleaning the kitchen even more when you have the time? This way, you will no longer have to clean the kitchen after the cooking is done and you can enjoy your meal while it is warm and in perfect condition.